Meet The Experts

Meet the experts behind the independent stores in Connaught Village

Meet Andrea Cutts

Interview with Andrea Cutts at Eliza Jane Howell We caught up with Andrea Cutts at Eliza Jane Howell to find out more about her business and some quick fire questions. 1) What was the inspiration behind your business? It was 12 years ago that myself and my late business partner Gill Harvey embarked on a […]

Meet Julian and Jessica Phillimore

We visited Julian and Jessica at Dellasposa to discover their history, what sets them apart from other galleries and most importantly, what they love about Connaught Village.

Meet Phillip Ozorio

We caught up with Phillip Ozorio, founder and design director of Connaught Kitchens to find out about how he founded his business, his greatest achievements and their 30th anniversary celebrations.

Meet Jose Cacciavillani

José Cacciavillani, the chef at Casa Malevo in Connaught Village, tells us a bit about how he got into the industry, his menu and why he loves Connaught Village.

Meet Kinder Aggugini

Kinder Aggugini, the owner and designer at Kindare in Connaught Village, tells us a bit about how he got into the fashion industry, his boutique and why he loves Connaught…

Artists Rob and Nick Carter

We sit down for a catch up with artists, Rob and Nick Carter, to talk inspiration, favourite pieces, upcoming projects and more.

Chef Harjeet Singh

We caught up with Chef Harjeet Singh to find out about Bombay Palace’s most popular dish, what advice he would give to new chefs and who taught him to cook.

In Conversation With Simon Burstein

One year on since we last sat down in conversation with Simon Burstein – the founder of The Place London for men and women – we catch up on more about his background and the…

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