Meet Andrea Cutts

Interview with Andrea Cutts at Eliza Jane Howell

We caught up with Andrea Cutts at Eliza Jane Howell to find out more about her business and some quick fire questions.

1) What was the inspiration behind your business?

It was 12 years ago that myself and my late business partner Gill Harvey embarked on a design journey as we sensed a shift in the winds of fashion and recognised the need for a departure from the old fashioned bridal cliche. The Eliza Jane Howell brand was born in 2012 and was named after Gills grandmother. The Gill Harvey Collection closely followed.

Both collections are now multi award winning and we are recognised throughout the fashion industry for our style, glamour and unique designs.

2) What sets your business apart? Please describe a key feature or product you would love to highlight for the neighbourhood?

We design two collections, Eliza Jane Howell and Gill Harvey, in house and we have stockists of both labels all over the world. From our Connaught Village boutique, we see clients on a one-to-one basis, and if they don’t want to buy anything off the peg, we can design a bespoke dress for them. Our dresses are totally individual and definitely the kind of elegance that demands attention. Everything is made by hand one at a time at our atelier in India by our skilled artisan craftsmen.

3) What is a fun fact about your business that people may not know or be aware of?

One of our team members was in showbiz and very nearly became Mrs Max Bygraves whilst she was a dancer at The Talk of the Town. These days Lady Ann Dodd, the widow of Ken Dodd, is her BFF.

4) What makes Connaught Village a special and unique area, and why should people visit?

Right next to the hustle and bustle of the West End you suddenly enter the area and instantly become enchanted with its very individual village vibe and independent shops selling things you don’t see on the high street

5) In addition to Eliza Jane Howell, what are 2 other places people should visit in Connaught Village?

I’m a big cheese fan so Buchanan’s Cheesemonger and over the years I’ve bought so     many gorgeous things from Dawn at Kokoro

Quick-fire Questions: 

  1. Coffee or tea? Double espresso every time
  2. Saturday night out or Sunday morning in? Sunday morning in listening to The Archers Omnibus
  3. Summer or Winter? Winter. I’ve got a vast collection of coats!
  4.  Cats or dogs? Sorry cats and dogs, but my tortoise Hector is my number 1 love
  5. Salty or sweet? Salty
  6. Phone call or text message? Definitely a phone call as I love to talk!
  7.  Pub or cocktail bar? Neither. A fabulous restaurant please. I’m dying to try Arlington next
  8.  Vacation abroad or staycation? A city break abroad. I’m no good on a beach
  9. City or countryside? City. I love living in London
  10. Cook at home or takeaway? Charlie Bighams macaroni cheese at home

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