Visit Connaught Village’s Secret Gardens This April

A handful of London’s most exclusive inner city gardens are opening to the public this April. The annual event which takes place on Saturday 17th April will allow visitors to explore gardens they would never usually have access to. The Hyde Park Estates, of which the gardens belong to, are of incredible importance to the environmental and ecological system of the city. Juxtapose the busy concrete landscape of mid century architecture and nestled adjacent to rows of Georgian streets The Water Gardens, Coniston Court, Devonport and The Quadrangle can all be found. From 11am to 4pm the public are welcome to explore these luscious gardens.

The Water Gardens

Dog friendly, The Water Gardens are a hidden gem suspended over a podium deck. Having been refurbished in 2018, the garden is filled with mature trees and dense vegetation. The garden is home to a 1500sqm shallow pond filled with freshwater fish and aquatic vegetation. Included is a smart system that collects rainwater for irrigation purposes, as well as the planting of 130 different species being found there means the garden meets high sustainability credentials. Take a seat and relax in the tranquil surroundings of the water gardens.

Coniston Court

Designed by Tony Heywood and Alison Condie, Coniston Court has 135 different species of plant. Running through the garden, a pathway that is much like a dry riverbed, runs in between a rich mix of planting styles. From flowering grasslands and lush topiary yew hedging, the garden is a visual delight. The garden also boasts a polygonal Solar Dome, which protects a collection of cacti and succulents; which at night become illuminated. The garden is wheelchair accessible and also dog friendly.


The Devonport courtyard is filled with dense mixed planting, with a raised woodland garden bed. The garden also houses a cold frame and nursery, as well as a Victorian style greenhouse with plants of a more tropical variety. The Church Commissioners take an active role in educating garden visitors of insect and bird activity within the garden. Devonport is also wheelchair accessible as well as doggy friendly, so be sure to add Devonport to your list of inner city gardens to explore.

The Quadrangle

Boasting a series of subdivided planting zones that include plush herbaceous borders, raised wildflower beds and delightful thematic borders the Quadrangle garden is a leafy treasure.  Like the other gardens, the Quadrangle would usually only be open to local residents so given the opportunity this dense and luscious garden should be a priority visit on the 17th April.

Tickets for the event will cost £5 and must be purchased in advance. To book online, please follow the link below.

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