Nokukhanya Langa’s Spiral Trail comes to Connaught Village

Nokukhanya Langa is an artist born in the USA and her latest exhibition in London, at Saatchi Yates, delves into the world of modern media and internet culture while breaking the rules of traditional painting. Langa’s never-ending Hypnotic multi-coloured spirals and infinite gradients portray her interest in the loss of the image, and by extension, of reality. Alongside her exhibition, Nokukhanya has created a spiral trail around central London.

To bring their public art trail to life, Connaught Village, along with a number of renowned London institutions, have partnered with the Saatchi Yates gallery to deliver an immersive experience for its visitors over Frieze. Visit Nokukhanya Langa spiral art in Connaught Village at 32 Connaught Street, W2.

“I see paintings as a laptop that has a lot of tabs open: one painting can be really quiet, or loud, or eccentric, and still all come together in one collection.” – Nokukhanya Langa

If you are keen to catch the other spirals around central London, check out 11 St John’s Wood High Street, Burlington Arcade and Langan’s restaurant in Mayfair to spot the spiral!

Nokukhanya Langa’s spiral trail in Connaught Village will be up until 15th November, 32 Connaught Street, London W2

10 October – 15 November 2022 

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