Art in Connaught Village

What’s happening in the Art scene of Connaught Village right now?

Connaught Village’s art scene continues to thrive with both outdoor and indoor installations from an array of independent art galleries. Filled with paintings and sculptures inspired by a host of subjects, each exhibition currently on display brings something wholly unique to the London’s West End. Explore the area by embarking on your own art tour today.

Misha Milovonvich at Dellasposa Gallery

Recently Dellasposa Gallery welcomed Belgrade-born artist Misha Milovanovich, showcasing her first solo exhibition ‘The Shape of Colour’. Exploring the relationship between materialism and colour, this exhibition transforms what would usually be deemed as harshly industrial into bold and brightly coloured undeniably extraordinary sculptures. The exhibition is available to view on the Dellasposa Gallery website and can be viewed at the gallery until 12th June 2021.

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 Misterioso at Dorothy Circus Gallery

Dorothy Circus have launched their latest exhibition, Misterioso by Chinese artist Cheng Cheng Yi. The exhibition will be the first British solo-show by the artist as he presents a new series of 6 works inspired by the latest trends in the contemporary Asian avant-garde. The exhibition will run from the 11th of June 2021 until the 30th of July 2021. Find out more here.

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Rob & Nick Cater RN at 5A

After three years of research and collaboration, Rob and Nick Carter are delighted to announce Dark Factory Portraits — their most technically challenging and exciting project yet. The Portraits came out of a series of 2013 reports on the future of work, suggesting that 35% of UK jobs were liable to be fully automated over the next two decades. Collaborating with a team of cutting edge software programmers and visual effects specialists Rob and Nick Carter have programmed a robotic arm to paint portraits. The robot can paint both loosely and to a very high level of detail where necessary, executing the portraits to a consistent style envisaged by Rob and Nick Carter. Please find more information here.


There are a number of outdoor artworks to be admired in Connaught Village, take a leisurely stroll around and admire some of the fantastic installations the area has to offer this spring.

Tree of Love, Joy, and Hope continues to light up Connaught Village

Still beaming down brightly on the junction of Connaught Street and Kendall Street, the Tree of Love, Joy and Hope is one installation not to be missed. Designed by lighting designer Shui-Kay Kan and the team at Sister London, the installation adorns a large tree in dazzling pink and red hearts. An eye-catching and heart-wearming outdoor installation the aim of this project as to provide an uplifting experience to those in the local experience as well as those viewing online.

Connaught Village Heart by Rob & Nick

Connaught Village’s artistic duo Rob and Nick light up 12 Connaught Street with their amazing ‘Love Connaught Village’ installation. The neon artwork was commissioned by the Church Comissioners and Connaught Village and is comprised of 11 concentric Neon Hearts on separate circuits which was inspired by Wavelength and does change colour throughout the day. An additional layer on top reads ‘Connaught Village’ and radiates in bright white light.

Wild by Heywood & Condie 

A new welcomed addition to the area is Wild by Heywood and Condie. Created by the couple who specialise in horticultural installations, Wild is a garden exhibition that has been commissioned by the Hyde Park Estate. Situated in the window of 9 Porchester Place, the installation is free for the public to view. The work celebrates the arrival of spring and encapsulates the idea of how accustomed, we as the viewer, are to what are often highly airbrushed and glamourised images of nature. With that in mind, the duo, draw upon the contemporary idea of screen-based media and gaming graphics to present Wild as a hybrid installation that merges the living and artificial as a new garden form for 2021.

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