Meet Laura Shepherd

Interview with Laura Shepherd at Love Story London

We caught up with Laura Shepherd at Love Story London to found out more about their business and some quick fire questions.

1) What was the inspiration behind your business?

Quite simply my love for designing. I wanted to be able to bring my designs to life and have a haven where brides to be could touch, feel, and try on my dresses. Having a flagship store in Marylebone has always been the dream, and I am so proud of us as a brand to make this a reality.

2) What sets your business apart? Please describe a key feature or product you would love to highlight for the neighbourhood?

We love to work with brides directly to customise gowns, this gives them the flexibility and creativity to have a wedding dress that is truly unique.

3) What makes Connaught Village a special and unique area, and why should people visit?

After 12 month searching suitable premises, the moment I stepped on Connaught Street I had a warm feeling and it felt like ‘home’ for Love Story. It was exactly what I had been looking for. I love the community spirit and the fact each business compliments another, this is special.

4) In addition to Love Story London, what are 2 other places people should visit in Connaught Village?

As a fellow industry friend, of course I need a little shout out to Andrea at Eliza Jane Howell. For the advice, welcoming to the neighbourhood and also for being just so brilliant. I have yet to experience it, but I hear La Maritx has been quite a hit, so I am looking forward to tasting their cheesecake next time I am in the studio.

Quick-fire Questions:

  1. Coffee or tea? Coffee 100%
  2. Saturday night out or Sunday morning in? 50/50 split
  3. Summer or Winter? Summer
  4. Cats or dogs? I am most definitely a dog lover.
  5. Salty or sweet? Salty, obviously.
  6. Phone call or text message? Can I say voice note, my newfound love.
  7. Pub or cocktail bar? Cocktail bar, expresso martini in case you wondered.
  8. Vacation abroad or staycation? Easy. Abroad. I follow the sunshine!
  9. City or countryside? An equal split, I love the city life for business and pleasure, however I like going home to the countryside for the quiet life and get in my creative zone.
  10. Cook at home or takeaway? I know I should say cook at home, but in all honesty takeaway for the easy life after a busy week.

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